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Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetic Treatments


Developed for the non-surgical reduction of  localised fat.


Aqualyx® works by causing the dissolution of fat cells. The body then expels the released fatty acids naturally.

Treatment with Aqualyx® is only available to patients from trained healthcare professionals such as Dr Natasha, in the UK. 

What is Aqualyx used for?

It used for Aqualysis or Aquaplasty treatment to reduce localised, stubborn fat deposits in areas such as the chin, stomach, outer and inner thighs, hips, knees etc.

What to expect:

Multiple treatments are required every three to four weeks. 

How quickly will I see results?

A reduction in fat deposits can usually be seen after just one treatment, however between three and eight sessions are required to see the optimal effect.

What should I expect after?

Significant swelling, redness, tenderness and skin irritation and tenderness- which will subside after four to six days.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

It is suitable for patients who:

- do not want the more invasive liposuction or laser lipo treatments.

- do not have large amounts of fat to remove and who are over 18 years and under 60 years of age.

Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, liposdystrophy, pathological conditions and for those under 18 years or over 60 years.

Is the treatment suitable for overweight patients as a weight loss method?

No, Aqualyx® and Aqualysis are aimed at reducing stubborn pockets of fat.

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