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Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetic Treatments

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Anti-Wrinkle Injections temporarily relax targeted muscles of facial expression to reduce wrinkling on movement.​ Preventing these prevents them becoming permanent with time.


These treatments are best used to PREVENT wrinkles.

Any wrinkles which are always there are not guaranteed to respond to this and may require other treatments to improve which Dr N will explain to you during your consultation.

Wrinkles that form during movement will be respond best to this treatment.

This is why we recommend you start your anti-wrinkle treatments before the static lines occur.

All new patients require a new patient consultation.


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What to expect:

You will see the results after two weeks.

New Patients may require a New Patient Review to tailor your treatment.

Results last up to three months.

Multiple Treatments may be needed to achieve the desired results.

Prices start from £200.

 Prices are based per area, dose and product required.

To maximise results of treatment combine with an Alumier Skin regime, chemical peels and profhilo skin boosters.

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